Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s current dental habits establish the foundation for a healthy mouth and body throughout life. You can help them develop great habits at an early age by having them brush and floss consistently and bringing them to see the dentist regularly.

When Should My Child See the Dentist?

A child’s first dental visit should fall right around his or her first birthday. At this time, many of the baby teeth have erupted through the gums, and Dr. Voges can do a lot to promote total oral health.

Dr. Voges and her team love working with young patients and making them feel welcome here. We listen to their questions and concerns and provide them with amenities to help them feel comfortable. We will teach them the importance of oral health and how they can take great care of their teeth at home.

Our office is kid-friendly with fun entertainment options and friendly, smiling faces. We take the time to explain what is going on to your children and help them have the best dental experience possible.

What to Expect

Cleanings and exams are the main services we provide to young patients. We monitor their health and perform fillings and sealings when necessary, and work on physical trauma if an accident ever occurs. Dr. Voges will watch the development of the jaw and teeth to ensure they are growing and erupting properly.

Some of the other services we commonly provide to our young patients include space maintainers and athletic mouthguards.

Space Maintainers | A space maintainer is an appliance that we custom-make using acrylic or metal materials. Its purpose is to open up space in the mouth to create room for the permanent teeth to erupt into their optimal positions. Not every child requires a space retainer, but children with crowded jaws can have a much healthier and more confident smile simply by wearing this device.

Athletic Mouthguards | Kids are active and carefree, so a little safety is exactly what they need. If your child plays sports, you know that gear is important, ranging from helmets to shin guards. But what about athletic mouthguards?

A custom-made athletic mouthguard protects your child from knocked-out teeth, bitten tongue or cheeks, facial injuries, broken jaws, and even head trauma. For every child who plays contact sports, a mouthguard is an absolute must.

You can reserve an appointment for your child at our kid-friendly office today!