Porcelain Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that can be placed over a damaged tooth to protect and preserve your remaining tooth structure. At our practice, we utilize high quality porcelain crowns that can be created right here in our office.

CEREC technology can produce beautiful same-day porcelain crowns. To date, CEREC is the only method that offers single-visit chairside restorations with unparalleled quality.

Dr. Voges is pleased to provide her patients with CEREC crowns-in-a-day so they can leave our office immediately feeling confident in their new smile.

Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

Your Health | Porcelain crowns are a healthy restorative option because they utilize an all-ceramic material that is biocompatible with your natural teeth. Crowns in the past and some still today are designed with gold, amalgam, or other metals, that do not fit in with the rest of your smile. CEREC crowns-in-a-day are safe, natural-looking, and resistant to wear.

Your Teeth | CEREC porcelain crowns allow you to save more of your healthy tooth enamel. Traditional crowns involve removing a portion of the natural teeth to place the new dental crowns, but CEREC minimizes the portion needed.
Your Time | After one brief visit to our office, your entire procedure will be complete! Traditional crowns require 2-3 visits to the dentist, messy impressions, and unreliable temporary crowns. From start to finish, permanent CEREC crowns are completed in a single dental appointment.

The Porcelain Crown Procedure

  1. Dr. Voges will examine your teeth and help you decide which restoration is right for you.
  2. She will prepare the teeth for your new dental crown.
  3. An optical impression is taken of your teeth using a small 3D camera.
  4. The image transfers to the computer and translates to a model used to design your custom restoration.
  5. Your exact specifications for size, color, and shape are sent to the in-office milling machine, and your restoration can be ready within 20 minutes.
  6. Dr. Voges will check, fit, and polish your restoration.
  7. She will bond the final crown in place, and you will have a healthier, more appealing smile.

If you live in San Antonio, Helotes, Alamo Ranch, or the surrounding areas, you, too, can restore your beautiful smile with crowns-in-a-day. Feel free to contact our office to schedule a consultation or treatment today.