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What is CEREC®?

Playing off the convenience of same-day delivery, if you find yourself needing a porcelain crown, we can send you home with a permeant replacement in one visit. Standing for chairside economical restoration of esthetic crowns, we can restore the appearance of your smile and improve your health faster than ever before!

Uses for CEREC®

While crown is in the name, CEREC® technology is far more than that. We describe it as the most convenient way to provide the cosmetic and restorative solutions that you require. CEREC® allows us to expediently provide you with the following:




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Looking For More Information On Same-Day Crowns and Bridges?

To further immerse yourself into the marvelous world of CEREC® technology, head over our crowns and bridges page. There, you’ll learn more about these and help you decide your best course of action. Alternatively, if you think that you need crowns or a bridge, feel free to set an appointment to let us take a look.

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