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Teeth Whitening

What makes a Hollywood smile? If you guessed pearly white teeth, you’re correct. Unfortunately, everyday life tends to wear teeth down, causing them to discolor. Common causes for less than white teeth are:

Dark foods and drinks


Various medications

Injuries and trauma

Dental decay

What is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is fast, easy, and cost-effective, ranking it high on the most requested cosmetic procedures list. When deciding to whiten your teeth, it’s best to visit professionals, such as the San Antonio Aesthetic & Family Dentistry team.

Teeth whitening can happen in the comfort of your home or the welcoming embrace of your trusted dentist. Before you go to the grocery store and purchase a whitener at random, here is what could potentially happen:

Harm your teeth

Worsen your smile

Cause unnecessary pain and discomfort

Reasons to Trust Dentists for a Brighter Smile

Professional-grade whiteners are significantly more potent than the ones found in over-the-counters. This is due to the concentration of hydrogen-peroxide: dentist-provided options are 47%, while OTC’s are less than 15% on average. There simply is no guarantee with OTC’s while our patients improve by up to eight shades whiter.

Additional reasons include:

Forecast and prevent sensitive tooth pain

Advise against whitening with filings (filler material can't be whitened)

Suggest alternatives if whitening is not an option

Searching for Quality Teeth Whitening?

Our office has helped patients achieve smile perfection in various ways. Dealing with many different situations regularly allows us to provide consistently safe and expedient solutions. Book an appointment to become one step closer to a better smile.