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Porcelain Crowns

What are Crowns?

Is your tooth chipped, cracked, or broken beyond what other treatment methods can remedy? If so, our same-day crowns are the perfect solution for you. Our office has extensive experience improving oral health and smiles, and we look forward to being your crown servicer.

Why Should I Choose to Receive Crowns?

Crowns are caps; these slid over the top of your tooth to achieve restoration and sounder aesthetics. In other words, porcelain crowns protect and preserve your mouth’s shape and integrity. This improves not only your smile but also the functionality of your biting and grinding of firm foods.

The time to receive crowns is now, especially with the implementation of CEREC® machines into our practice. Not only will you receive a perfect, new smile, but you’ll be doing so in just one appointment! Finally, a crown procedure that can fit into your hectic schedule.

What's the Process of Receiving Crowns?

These procedures, which would span several weeks and appointments, have been truncated into one. All and all, this four-step process will take only an hour, but with more crowns comes a longer appointment.


Step one centers on determining if you’re a sound candidate for the procedure. If the root of the issue lies in extensive tooth decay by chance, corrective measures will need to happen before crown work starts. By utilizing digital x-rays, we can provide crystal-clear visuals on-demand to formulate an action plan right away.


This stage involves reshaping your tooth, shaving it down just enough to avoid the crown appearing bulky. We’ll numb the affected areas during this uncomfortable procedure, but we supply nitrous oxide (inhalable sedative) to take the edge off even further if needed.

Once the filing is complete, we then take an impression of your teeth. All you’ll need to do is remain perfectly still as we use a digital x-ray to render your mouth virtually. In the past, you would have needed to bite down on a dense gel, which would have captured your mouth structure.


Per crown, this is a twenty-minute process. Once we transport the data from CEREC® to the milling machine, the crown will take minutes to complete. The remaining time goes toward changing the size if needed and staining it to the exact color of your enamel.


The final leg of the procedure is quick and painless. Using a similar bonding agent as we use for veneers, the oral cement should last a long while. Very few instances of loosening crowns occur, as the most damage comes from poor maintenance.

Looking for a Quality Dentist for Porcelain Crowns?

Dr. Kimberly Voges and her all-star staff consistently strive to provide top-notch oral care for her San Antonio hometown. The best way to improve your smile is by setting an appointment and speaking to your doctor