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Dental Health and Wellness

A healthy smile is not just inviting. It’s an indication of your overall health. No matter how much you exercise, eat well, or avoid risky behaviors, poorly maintained mouths can lead to one of many serious health risks.

Ways to Maintain Oral Wellness

As with all treatment routes, the majority of the work is for you to do at home. While your care starts in-office, the procedure is reversible if your dental hygiene routines are lackluster. It’s essential to:

Brushing twice a day for two minutes per day

Flossing once daily

Setting a regular checkup every six months

Furthermore, smokers harm themselves the most. The chemicals in cigarettes affect enamel in a variety of ways, from staining to decaying. Moreover, smokers who seek help but refuse to quit may not be able to be treated. Bottom line, if you smoke, we strongly advise quitting to protect your health.

Adverse Effects of Poor Dental Health

A prevalent condition affecting half of the adults in the United States currently is gum disease. Even this often mild condition affects the body in troubling ways. Here is what tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other forms of oral ailments cause:

Heart disease




Oral cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Kidney disease

Premature birth

How the Rest of Your Body Affects Your Oral Health

90% of all systemic health complications have oral manifestations. If you notice swollen gums, toothaches, or jaw pain, you very well could have a more severe condition. Also, if you have an above-mentioned condition or another systemic disease, keep a close eye on your mouth and set regular appointments.

Looking for Ways to Maintain Strong Dental Health and Wellness?

We are available for all of your oral needs. We enjoy advising patients on toothbrush selections, how to floss, and all other hygienic practices. Contact us today to set an appointment or ask us if you should invest in an electric brush.

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