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Sure Smile

Sure Smile® Aligners

When clear aligners are mentioned, most assume Invisalign®*, but are those the best choice for you? We offer Sure Smile®, a great solution to both metal braces and other clear aligners.

What Are Sure Smile® Clear Aligners?

Braces have the reputation of being uncomfortable and take a long time to correct the alignment issue. Additionally, braces require appointments regularly to adjust and tighten. These are some of the most common reasons why so many people are interested in clear aligners. However, some brand-name options may be just as uncomfortable.

Sure Smile® Advantage

To mitigate patient discomfort, our office offers Sure Smile® aligners. The process is similar to other aligners, as a digital scan starts the process off. This captures the angle and degree of misalignments. Then, our lab will make a series of aligners which you’ll change once every few weeks as your dentist advises.

Unlike other aligners, which use a form of composite resin, these are crafted from plastic. Once made, each aligner looks like their replica teeth. Wearing these provides a gentle force that will shift teeth to their optimal position over time.

Our patients have expressed discomfort in the past when given other clear aligners. Usually, this was not about how the aligner fits, it’s in regards to the aligning. Sure Smile® is a lot gentler on your teeth and jaws, minimizing soreness and pain.

Why Should I Have My Teeth Straightened?

Have straight teeth is far more important than what it does for your smile. There are many more practical and useful things if the aesthetics aren’t reason enough. A lot of research has gone into the effects of misaligned teeth, which the studies show.

Damage and Chips

Misaligned teeth, being as such, throw off the mechanics of your bite. Even opening and closing your mouth can cause adverse effects with misalignments. Your body doesn’t compensate for out-of-positioned teeth, which can cause you to accidentally grind, bite other teeth, or other events that can chip or damage your teeth.

Tooth Loss

Prolonged misalignments compile your issues to the point where you may lose a tooth. Whether it falls out or needs extraction, crowded or ill-positioned teeth can make hygiene difficult, leading to teeth loss.

Sometimes, shifted teeth can make it hard to brush parts of your teeth. If you find it difficult to maintain oral hygiene, chances are you need to seek the professional help of an orthodontist. By use of aligners or braces, you can prevent any of this damage from occurring.

Benefits of Having Your Teeth Straightened

Perhaps the biggest reason for people seeking clear aligners is to be comfortable with their smiles. Many of our patients expressed disdain for pictures and explained how damaging crooked teeth could be for their social confidence. Here are a handful of reasons why you should schedule an appointment soon:

Increased confidence

More eager to smile

Prevent gum disease

Reduce cavity risk

Better overall smile aesthetics

Set an Appointment

Join the 55 million people worldwide currently benefitting from a form of the clear aligner. If you struggle with your smile, we’ve made it our goal to correct it. Whether straightening or whitening, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your aesthetic boosting needs. Set an appointment today.

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