Dental Technology

Dr. Voges believes in treating her patients with the technology that makes dentistry safe, painless, and successful. It doesn’t matter what your dental needs may be. Whether you’re visiting us for a dental cleaning or a cosmetic procedure, you’re going to enjoy the perks of incredible technology.

Laser Soft Tissue Management

New research developments allow us to protect your oral tissues with dental lasers. Laser therapy can be used for periodontal treatments, cold sore treatment, implant placement, and more. Laser soft tissue management results in procedures that are:

  • Precise, therefore reducing the risk of complications and improving your results
  • Painless, because the laser evaporates the tissue instead of cutting it
  • Sanitary, with reduced bleeding
  • Comfortable, due to a shorter recovery time


Have you ever had a dental crown placed? If you have one or more teeth compromised by cracks or decay, the best solution is a full crown. Fortunately, Dr. Voges can create and place your custom-made dental crown in a single day with CEREC technology.

Using computer-aided design and manufacturing, we can produce your beautiful dental crown chairside in one easy dental appointment. There’s no more need to leave our office with an unreliable temporary restoration. You’re going to walk away with a durable and beautiful permanent dental crown!

Digital X-Rays

Dental infections and oral cancer can happen to anyone, and their earliest signs are completely invisible to the naked eye. Because of concerns like tumors, cavities, and gum disease, we use dental x-rays. X-rays allow Dr. Voges to get a full picture of your dental health in minutes.

Digital x-ray technology is superior to traditional x-ray technology because:

  1. Digital images are instantly available for use. You and Dr. Voges can view the crisp images on a computer monitor and discuss what you see.
  2. Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation you receive by up to 90%, making your appointments far safer than ever before.
  3. Digital images are quick and easy to transfer and store, resulting in a more streamlined dental experience.

For more information about us or our technology, contact our office today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or to schedule your initial consultation!