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Dental Technology

Our Technology

Dr. Kimberly Voges and her talented team understand how the latest and greatest technology can improve your experience. This is why we adopt new technology as it becomes available such as CEREC machines, lasers, and digital x-rays.


Dentists have begun using lasers for quite some time for various dental procedures. Have no fear as these are far from harmful as most patients sit through laser therapies without the need for anesthetics. Using lasers on soft tissue:

Precise with little risk of harming nontargeted tissues

Very seldomly will patients complain of discomfort

Noninvasive procedures that won’t cause bleeding

Reduce recovery time


There’s nothing more convenient than receiving much-needed crowns in just one dentist appointment. The magic lies in the CEREC® machine, which replaces the antiquated lab-made crowns that ship to us. In the past, you may have waited two weeks or longer.

This inconvenience was the driving course for us to adopt CEREC® into our practice. It stands for the chairside economical restoration of esthetic crowns. We now can cut the crown from a block of porcelain, stain it to the color of your teeth, reshape it to resemble the former, and install it all in one visit.

Digital X-Rays

Our implementation of new x-ray machines has a tri-fold effect: reduce your radiation exposure by up to 90%, instant rendering, and an overall faster and better experience. The following concerns are detectable in just moments with these new machines:

Cavities and decay

Tumors and cysts

Periodontal disease


Bone loss

Are You Ready to Improve Your Oral Health?

Whether it be a cosmetic or restorative solution you’re after, we have the knowledge and tools to flesh out what you envision. See for yourself just how beneficial cutting-edge technology can be for your experience by making an appointment.

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