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Children’s Dentistry

Believe it or not, but caring for children’s oral needs is vastly different from caring for adults. For numerous reasons, caring for the youth is much more involved and requires more intensive education.

Education Needed

While every dentist must graduate from a four-year dental school and residency of 1-2 years, pediatric dentists still have more to learn. They must complete two additional years of training for their pediatric license. In those years, they’ll learn:

Child behavioral and psychological study

Treatment of developing teeth

How to properly handle a child

Understanding child growth

Learning how to care for special needs children


A large portion of the procedures involves teaching and coaching moments. During cleanings, we find that explaining what will happen before we do it helps ease the anxiety and nervousness. Furthermore, we provide additional tips on brushing and flossing to reduce harmful tartar and plaque buildup further.

Our Office

You’ll find that our office and patient treatment rooms are inviting for children. Our fun, child-friendly play area, provides a safe distraction while waiting for their appointment to start. Lastly, we use smaller tools when providing care, so they won’t seem scary while delivering more efficient care.

More to Expect

While cleaning and monitoring health are both front and center in pediatric care, we also provide corrective procedures. These can be fillings and sealants, as accidents are bound to happen with youth.

Space Maintainers

Since children lack a complete set of mature teeth, braces and clear aligners can’t solve severely crowded teeth. With that in mind, to limit further complications, we use space maintainers so the teeth that are growing in can do so straightly.

Athletic Mouthguards

Sports are commonplace in childhood pastimes, but with it comes the chance of injury. We provide mouthguards that will protect your child from tooth or soft tissue damage. While injuries aren’t bound to happen, a little insurance goes a long way for peace of mind.

Looking for Children's Dentistry?

Since not all dentists specialize in pediatric dental care, it’s important to choose the right dentist. Our name says it all, as we have provided quality care for entire families for the last 23 years. We invite you to join our family. The first step is filling out patient forms. We look forward to seeing you soon.