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Dental Implants

Unrivalled by other means of correcting smiles, implants are a great cosmetic option for most people. Now, new and improved by CEREC® machines, implants are completely finished in just one visit.

The procedure

While in the past, the first appointment consisted of the operation and then the setting of a temporary crown. With CEREC®, you’ll be sent home the permanent crowns in one visit. This starts with an incision in the gum, and the extraction of the tooth if its present.

Next, the screw it inserted into the void down to the bone. Once secure, the incision is patched, and the abutment is placed beneath the gumline. This middle part, acts as a neck, holds the crown to the body of the implant.

Why Choose Implants?


Recipients of implants feel as if their implants are teeth, noticing no difference in performance. Strong, stable, and able to grind done the toughest of foods, implants often last indefinitely. This is due to the process of osseointegration.

The implant itself resembles a screw, as it has spiraled grooves as any other screw bares. The screw is tightened into the bone, and over time (2-6 months) the bone fuses with the titanium implants. This fusing of bone and metal into one is known as osseointegration.


Whether your teeth or loose or missing, this can lead to pain, discomfort, and worsening performance the longer it goes uncorrected. Implants fill your smile in, and return your bite force to its full might.


A Hollywood smile consists of a full set of teeth, something that implants imitate flawlessly. This lies in the fact the metal is buried below the gums, and the ultra-realistic CEREC® crown. If you happen to be missing several teeth in a row, ask your dentist about how a bridge may be the best solution for you.

Looking for Dental Implants?

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