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Our hygiene room where we sterilize our tools.

When you sit in the hygienists' chair, you can expect two things primarily, preventative care and treating gum disease. They work side by side with your dentist to ensure you remain in peak oral health. To do so, hygienists will:

  • Perform routine cleaning
  • Explaining the state of your teeth and gums
  • Coaching you on how to improve hygiene habits

Additionally, hygienists are typically the staff members who will take x-rays. In the past, x-ray results weren't available right away, which is why we've switched to digital x-rays. Not only are the results instantaneous, but they are crystal clear. Lastly, these multi-talented professionals administer fluoride treatments and conduct teeth whitening procedures.

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By setting an appointment today, you'll be that much closer to maintaining oral health. Did you know that a healthy mouth is an indication of a healthy body? Meet our team and rest easy, knowing your teeth are in perfect health.

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